August 22, 2007

Commercial Development Trainings

I developed this series of day long and multi-day workshops for the Local Initiatives Support Corporation's national Center for Commercial Revitalization to help community development corporations and local governments understand the unique challanges associated with neighborhood retail development. I have been delivering these training courses in communities around the country including: Philadelphia, Providence, Indianapolis, San Francisco, Toledo, Jacksonville, San Diego, and Cincinnati.

Workshop topics include:

Developing a Neighborhood Retail Strategy (1 day)
Commercial District Revitalization 101 (2.5 days)
Introduction to Commercial Real Estate Development (2 days)
Developing a Retail Leasing Strategy (1 day)
Joint Ventures with Private Developers (1 day)
Financing Commercial Real Estate Projects (1 day)
Negotiating Commercial Leases (1 day)
Evaluating Commercial Tenants (1/2 day)
Commercial Property and Asset Management (1 day)
Overview of Commercial Real Estate Development (2.5 hours)
Overview of Commercial District Revitalization (2.5 hours)

Download flyer with detailed course descriptions

Posted by Rick Jacobus at August 22, 2007 09:42 PM